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Museum Pass  Availability

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 Museum Pass Program Information

Museum passes are available to Sayville Library cardholders. These passes allow free admission to some of the New York area’s most popular institutions. This program has been made possible by the generous support of The Friends of Sayville Library Inc.

 How do I reserve a Museum Pass?

Adult cardholders, 18 and over, may reserve a museum pass in person at the Children’s Help Desk or by calling 631-589-4440 ext. 5.

All reservations are for either Midweek (Tuesday-Thursday) or Weekend (Friday-Monday) and can be made up to two months in advance. Your card must be in good standing. Each museum reserves the right to determine the rules and regulations governing usage.

How long may I keep the Museum Pass?

Passes may be borrowed for either Midweek (Tuesday-Thursday) or Weekend (Friday-Monday). Midweek passes are picked up on Tuesday and are due by 7:00pm Thursday. Weekend Passes are picked up on Friday and are due by 7:00pm on Monday.

What if I return the Museum Pass late?

Please return your pass on time to accommodate other patrons who have reservations. A $25.00 fee per day will be charged to your library card if the pass is returned late.

What if I lose the Museum Adventure Pass?

A replacement fee equal to the full value of the missing pass will be charged to your card.

How many Museum Passes may I check out?

A maximum of one pass per family, per calendar month may be borrowed. To ensure fair distribution of passes, only one pass may be checked out to a Sayville Library patron/family/address. Multiple reservations within that period will result in the Library deleting your additional reservations at our discretion. The library staff reserves the right to monitor usage to ensure fairness and access for the greatest number of patrons.

How many people does each admit?

Each participating museum sets its own limits. Please see museum info sheet for more information.

May I use the Museum Pass more than once?

Yes, you may, as long as the pass is returned by the due date and time listed above.

Where do I pick up and return my Museum Pass?

Go to the Children’s Help Desk to check out and return your Museum Pass. The pass must be returned in person at the Children’s Help Desk in its original folder. Under no circumstances should the pass be left in any of the book returns or on a counter.

May I renew my Museum Pass?

Passes may not be renewed.

How do I cancel my reservation?

To cancel a museum pass reservation please stop by or call the Children’s Help Desk at 631-589-4440 ext. 5. Please notify us 48 hours in advance if you decide to cancel your museum pass reservation so that we may make it available for other patrons.

 **The Library is not responsible for museum entrance fees in the event that a pass is lost or not returned on time for your use.