Sayville Library        
  Free Public Wireless Access                                                         
  • Sayville Library provides free Internet access for patrons who would like to use their wireless enabled devices in the library. The wireless connection is available throughout the Library. The wireless device's SSID is SayvilleLibrary. All connections are for DHCP.

  • Internet connectivity is through the free Optimum connection provided to public libraries by Cablevision.

  • The Library does not filter the wireless network, which is available to anyone with an enabled wireless device including children. Parents wishing filtered Internet access for their children should use the Internet computers located in the Children’s Department or purchase filtering software for their wireless devices.

  • The user understands that the wireless Internet connection is unsecured. The Library is not responsible for any financial loss that may occur while using the wireless connection. We recommend that users do not use this service to send any sensitive information such as social security or credit card numbers.